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Dare to adventure with D& Experiences




Educator- 10 years

Childcare Pro-15+ years

Drama Queen- Since birth

Danielle Dube has been a performer, educator, and game master for most of her life. After working in professional theatres and graduating with a BFA, she discovered the wonderful world of teaching. While teaching she discovered what a fabulous tool RPG's (role playing games) could be for students and embarked on a quest to create games and events that not only spread joy, but have the ability to enrich, educate, and engage. 

Welcome to D& Experiences, where all are welcome!

Never played an RPG before?

No problem, I've taught various systems to 6 year olds, you'll be ok

Want to learn how to reinforce your curriculum (or your child's homework) into a fun, exciting game that they'll beg to play?

Take one of our fabulous training courses!

Want a way to connect with your family that doesn't involve screens?

Set up a weekly (or bi-monthly) campaign for hours of fun and bonding

Improv Classes? Acting Classes? Private or in groups? You got it!

No matter your age, your background, no matter what, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

Services Offered

Experience? No need!

Here, all we need are some brave adventurers, a bit of gumption, and a leap of faith.
Questions? Comments? Desperate desire to do something totally different? Contact me!

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